Everest Spring Collection Violin Shoulder Rest 3/4 - 4/4
Shoulder Straps (Violin, Viola, & Cello), 11.5 padding

Web-woven covered and cushioned straps. Locking carabiner D-rings with screw-sleeves (similar to mountain climbing rings), security wire for added durability. Heavy-duty metal hardware and materials. 76 - 102 cm (30" - 40").

Strings S37

Steel core, chrome wound

Strings JVN-Set

Jargar Violin Set

Strings P313321

Evah Pirazzi Violin E String, ball end, goldsteel, 26 gague

Strings 11

Steel core, aluminum wound

Strings P221241

Oliv Viola D String

Folding music stand with a reinforced desk lip

Made of black-painted iron, the stand and feet of the tube are sturdy and the connection of the top and the stand are screws that can make the stand stable. Includes carry bag. Perfect for the students and all the primary learners. Weight: 1.45kg. Size of Desktop: 500x230mm. Height: 610-1470mm. Size after folded: 630mm.

Strings 91

Steel core, aluminum wound

Strings P412321

Tonica Violin D String, synthetic/aluminum, medium