Strings BC635

Rope core, chrome wound

Strings P410025

Wondertone Solo Violin Set, Loop End

Strings P243140

Bass Eudoxa G string, orchestra, gut/silver, medium

Strings 1B04

Composite core, silver wound

Strings P441120

Obligato Bass G String, orchestra, synthetic/chrome steel, medium

Strings 144A

Perlon core, silver wound

Strings P423121

Synoxa Viola A String, synthetic/aluminum, medium

Folding music stand with a reinforced desk lip

Made of black-painted iron, the stand and feet of the tube are sturdy and the connection of the top and the stand are screws that can make the stand stable. Includes carry bag. Perfect for the students and all the primary learners. Weight: 1.45kg. Size of Desktop: 500x230mm. Height: 610-1470mm. Size after folded: 630mm.

Strings P339920

Chromcor Plus Cello String Set

Strings VI03

Synthetic core, pure aluminum wound